Python lists, dicts, and functions for JavaScript engineers

I’ve been getting really into Python. There’s been times in the past where I’ve dabbled or built things in Python but something about this recent “build a microservice” project at work has inspired me to learn more and increase my expertise. That project has since left my team’s hands due to sudden company restructuring but I feel happy to pursue the world of Python in my own time for now. Here’s even more things I’ve learned.

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7 Python basics for JavaScript engineers

I’ll be honest. My main expertise and experience is in JavaScript with Node and frontend frameworks like React. I took a Python Introduction to Computer Science course through EdX a few years back and have only really needed to use it sporadically since then. That all changed two weeks ago when a new project started at work. My team was tasked with rapidly getting ramped up on Python and writing a new back-end service in the language.

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How to programmatically open a new terminal tab or window

I stumbled across this while trying to calculate some configuration options and open multiple terminal windows at once to run multiple Node services.

There are two ways to programmatically open a new terminal window or tab on a mac, depending on whether or not you use iTerm or the default Terminal program. I’ll share both, with a brief explanation on how it works.

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How to test a service running on a different laptop

Here’s the scenario: A coworker is working on a service and you just want to send a quick request to test it.  You want to do this without deploying the service somewhere, asking them to send the request for you (or you both want to send requests at the same time), or needing to go through the whole process of asking this coworker to push the latest to their branch, pulling it down, and setting it up on your machine.

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