Reflections on the blogging challenge

Reflections on the blogging challenge

Reflections on the blogging challenge

It’s officially over. I’ve posted eight blog posts over the course of the last month and it has been quite an experience. My initial goals were to re-ignite my creativity, push myself out of my comfort zone, and experiment.

For the curious, here are the seven previous posts:

  1. Nine career tips for new software engineers
  2. Reflections on Batman and my Toastmasters experience
  3. The art of troubleshooting
  4. Learning about learning
  5. Javascript magic show
  6. Increase your thought leadership 243x with synergy and the blockchain
  7. Reviews of Super Learning course, Coaching Habit, and Mental Models
  8. The post you are reading right now. Whoa.

I was nervous about undertaking this project because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up the blistering pace. I wrote a handful of posts before officially starting so it wouldn’t feel so daunting. However, I eventually abandoned them in favor of new ideas that popped up in my head. Coming up with ideas and writing things quickly seemed to be more in the spirit of the challenge in any case.

It was also important to take risks and really put myself out there. I did that by revealing my thoughts, stories, and opinions while experimenting with blog post style/voice and sharing all these things on social media (LinkedIn). By doing so I opened myself up to feedback and criticism. Neither of those things came my way, although there were a few LinkedIn likes in there. Yay internet points!

I do want to continue to experiment with blogging at a more leisurely pace. Two posts a week is a tall order when you’re working full time already. The last several posts were written in an hour or less and I feel they could have been benefited from some editing. I think with enough practice it is possible to write quality things more quickly, but for now, some extra time to devote to experimentation, editing, and creative ideation would be time well spent.

Thanks everybody for reading. I look forward to writing more posts.




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